Feeding system into the cement mills with stream calibration at PJSC «Ivano-Frankivskcement»


Weigh Feeders: WBF-M    Belt scale WBS-1M/10:
Belt width 1000 mm, 1200 mm  1000 mm
Feed rate  15…150 t/h (Clinker, Slag), 4…40 т/ч (Gyps)  310 t/h (Returns)
Accuracy ± 0.25%   ± 1.0%

Clinker Bin Scale: 170 t



Components feeding in Cement mill according receipt.
Cement mill feeding control.
On-stream calibration.



4 Weight Feeders, 1 Belt Scale of returns, Bin Scales, Electrical ear and mill feeding control system were delivered and installed.
Weigh Feeders were installed directly under the bins. Feed hopper provides uniform material feeding on the Weigh Feeder belt.
Weigh Feeders and Mill feeding control system is made on the base of weigh modules Siemens SIWAREX FTC, controller CPU 313-2DP and operator panel МР277.
Clinker bin and Weigh Feeder are mounted on Load cells modules HBM RTN 100t, which allows to use feeder On-stream calibration and received feeding accuracy less then 0.25%


Result accuracy:

± 0.2%


Place of installation:

Cement mill, «Ivano-Frankivskcement», Ukraine

Used products: