System of loading of gravel in wagons, including two railway scales on KKNI Tehnobud (Lafarge)

Vibro feeders of gravel Aviteq
2 railway scales
Control system of loading and positioning wagons
Operator panel

Loading of wagons carried by volumetric method.
Feeder control is carried out manually.
Level loading wagon is determined visually.
In this regard, there is a problem with underloading and reloading of wagons.
Due to the fact, the scale is not in place of loading, maneuvers required for weighing wagons, which leads to additional costs and an increase in processing time wagons, reduce terminal throughput capacity.

The control system allows user to download in the mode of coarse-fine in automatic mode, ensuring the accuracy not worse than 0.2% of the rated load of the wagons.
The system evaluates the workload of each truck of the wagons, controls the vibratory feeders provides uniform loading.
With the rail sensors, the system determines the position of the carriage on scales, which allows to give commands to operator to manipulate the wagonage.
Automatic loading is possible only under condition of correct positioning of the wagons.
In case of power failure, the system automatically stops the loading.
Visualization of process on the monitor of industrial computer provides the output of the current state of equipment, tasks feeders, control of the loading and weighing.
Generates reports.


Loading and dosing in automatic mode,
Providing a uniform load on the wagons,
Positioning of wagons,
Recording of overdrive
Exception of human factor at loading.

Place of instalation:
KKNK Tehnobud Lafarge

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