Loading system of cement in the cement trucks on the PJSC

Truck Scales.
Loading chute.
Aspiration system.
Terminals of entry and exit.


Improve the accuracy of loading of cement in the cement trucks.
Ensure aspiration of cement during loading.
Increase the speed of loading and release of cement.
Reduce the impact of human factors during cement release and registration.


Commissioned truck scales, loading chute and aspiration management system, terminals entry and exit.


Result accuracy:
Saving time and reduce costs by automating logistics.
Automated terminals for car registration without operator.
Automatic identification of vehicles using the embedded video monitoring systems or radio frequency identification.
Increasing the capacity of loading terminals by accelerating the download process.
Quickly and easily document processing.
Data transfer to the corporate enterprise management system and accounting software systems.


Place of installation:
PJSC "Volyn-Cement"

Used products: