Weighing of technical lump sulfur, with set point for feeder additives, depending on the recipe at PJSC Crimea TITAN

Double idler belt scales WBS-1L / 05.
Tape width = 500 mm.
Flow rate = 30 t/h.
Accuracy = ± 0.5%.

Weighing of technical lump sulfur, with set point for feeder additives (lime), depending on the recipe.

Delivery and commissioning of belt scales and feeder were carried out. Belt scale were supplied complete with idlers and rollers, specially prepared for the weighing area (beating rollers less than 0.2mm, balancing).
The weighing part is made on the basis of the Siemens SIWAREX FTC module with the OP77 operator panel.

Results accuracy:
Weighing accuracy ± 0.29%.

Place of installation:
PJSC Crimea TITAN, Ukraine

Used products: