Roller table scales on PJSC


Roller table scales RW 3000-2.
Maximum weighing limit = 3,000 kg.
Accuracy readability = 2 kg.
Weighting method - static.
Accuracy = ± 0.1% of the LEL.



Weighing the workpiece up to 12,500 mm in length with a section  of □ 80 ... 150 mm before loading into the heating furnace of the small section mill. Synchronization of work of scales with work of processing equipment of loading of the heating furnace.



Delivery and installation of roller table scales were carried out, the package of which included: roller table section with length 14250 mm; set of rollers W = 219mm and L = 800mm with an individual electric drive; set of weighing equipment; frequency converter; system of automatic control of furnace loading mechanisms.


Result accuracy:

The absolute error of weighing, achieved with the certification of scales, was ± 2 kg over the entire weighing range.
Weighing time 2 seconds. The time of slowing down and acceleration of the workpiece on the scales is 4 seconds.
Automated accounting of the quantity and weight of the workpiece.


Place of Installation:

PJSC "ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog", Ukraine

Used products: