Equipment for blast furnace loading on №3 Enakievo Steel Plant

Equipment for blast furnace loading on №3 Enakievo Steel Plant

Hopper scales             Agglomerates     Cox         Pellets    Supplements   Fines
Scale capacity             30,000 kg          10000kg  8000 kg     5000 kg        4000 kg 
Accuracy = ± 0.2%

Weighing and feeding of iron materials, additives and fuel in technological process of preparing, feeding and loading of raw material in the blast furnace.

We made engineering, manufacture, delivery and commissioning of:
21 units of hopper scales with a useful volume from 2m3 to 12m3 for weighing sinter, coke, additives, pellets, screening of coke, sinter and pellets;
17 units of feeders with electromagnetic and unbalanced drivers.


The accuracy of the hopper scales at the time in operation amounted to 0.1%.
Increase of production quality.
Increase of automation level and production control.
Decrease of human factor influence.
Increase of production flexibility.
Decrease of productive costs at expense of economy of bulk solids.
Costs decrease on technical service and improvement of working conditions.


JSC "Yenakiyevo Steel Plant", Metinvest, Ukraine

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