Belt weigh feeders

Belt weigh feeders

Belt weigh feeders

For feeding different free flowing and bridging bulk materials, powders and coarse materials

Long-term constant feeder accuracy due to high sealing of feeding materials, powders.
Robust frame construction for easy feeder installation and belt exchange.
The choice of feeder size, belt type and feed hopper construction considering properties of bulk material and specific requirements.
Special solutions for high accuracy weigh feeding (less 0.25%) and heavy duty operating condition.
Possible of use with different feeding equipment and directly under the silo outlet.

WBF-L FOR LOW feed rate:

  • For light powders, granules and dust materials with a bulk density of 0.1 to 1.4 t/m3 and a temperature of up to 200°C.
  • Feed rate up to 50 t / h (max 100m3/h).

WBF-M FOR medium feed rate:

  • For various bulk materials.
  • Feed rate up to 500 t/h (max 450m3/h).
  • For use with high and medium loads of material.

WBF-H FOR HIGH feed rate:

  • For heavy and moist materials, as well as bad flow materials.
  • Feed rate up to 1500 t/h (max 750 m3/h).
  • For use with high material loads.

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